2. Basic operation manual

2. Introduction to Ui.Flow

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This document will introduce the layout of the UI.flow


Basic layout of UiFlow


Function Buttons Details

Example button: Some examples are provided

Undo button: Undo one step

Redo button: Redo one step

Open button: Open file in local

Save button: Save file in local

Cloud button: View or edit file in cloud

Upload button: Upload code to connected M5Go

Run button: Run code in connected M5Go

Remote QR code button: Remote M5Go by QR code

Setting button: Set the API Key/ Language or download Firmware and Docs

Graphical User Interface

GUI Design Tools at the top can be used to design the GUI of the M5Go at the bottom by drag and drop method.


Blockly Coding

Blockly is a easy way for coding and it is suitable for the ones who hav few or even no knowledge about programming. It allows coding in the way of playing puzzles without syntax. Select the Blockly by clicking the Blockly button at the top near the Python button. Blockly functions can be dragged and dropped from the left to the right in the Blockly code.


Python Coding

Python is a more advanced way for coding and it is suitable for the ones who have rich programming background.


Unit Editor

Unit Editor allows the management with the modules connected to the M5Go

The “+” button allows to add new unit as shown below




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