2. Basic operation manual

3. A simple walkthrough using Ui.Flow

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A simple walk-through will be shown in this example, which is divided into two parts (GUI Design and Blockly). It is followed by the progress of update of the firmware.

Simple UI flow operation

Step 1. M5Go shows API Key (C0717F in this example) in the form of text and QR code


Step 2. Enter the API Key in the Setting and save to finish the connection with Ui.Flow


GUI Design of a cute face

Step 1. Drag and drop the shape (Rect. and Circle in this example) to design the GUI

Step 2. Design the layout of the GUI as below

Step 3. Set the property on the right to change the mouth colour to red

Step 4. Design the cute face as below

Blockly (Simple LED light)

Step 1. In the Blockly function side, select Hardwares>Rgb>Set Rgb Bar color

Step 2. Drag and drop the block into the Blockly code part

Step 3. Click on the red colour and change the colour to green

Step 4. Press the Run button to build into M5Go


Final Result

The M5Go shows a cute face with green LEDs

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