2. Basic operation manual

1. What is UiFlow?

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UiFlow is an easy learning web based tools for building M5 app. It is provides a graphical Blocky editor to represent code concepts like logical expressions, variables, units.

The strengths using UiFlow in education:

  1. No more worry about syntax. UiFlow is an intuitive, visual way to build app. It provides blocks for the users. You can simply drag and drop the blocks inside the editor without remember any syntax or command.
  2. Easy for building UI interface. M5 has a color LCD and 3 buttons on it. You can draw UI interface using UiFlow and build any functions for those 3 buttons using UiFlow.
  3. M5 units ready. UiFlow has build-in many M5 units library such as ENV sensor units, PIR, Balar car etc. You can simply drag and drop related block for your app.
  4. No more cable required. UiFlow supports wireless communication to your M5. You can send your M5 app to your M5 via Wifi connection.
  5. Share your projects to your friends. UiFlow supports save, export and import. You can export your project and send to your friend using email, whatsApp, WeChat etc. It’s time to show your great idea to your friends.
  6. Interchanging between Blocky and Python. UiFlow supports interchanging between Blocky and Python coding. You can build your app using Blocky and learn Python at the same time.
  7. Platform independent. UiFlow support many platform. You can use Mac OS, Windows, iPad, Android Pad etc. to build your own M5 app.
  8. Anyplace Anywhere. UiFlow is a web base Blocky editor. You can build your own M5 app out of your classroom.

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