4. Units Operation

3. Environment Sensor

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Hardware requirement

  • M5GO
  • Environment Sensor
  • Connecting wire

The Unit ENV is an environment sensor for M5GO that can easily detect temperature, humidity and air pressure with M5GO Core, including temperature and humidity sensor and absolute barometric pressure sensor.

Step 1. Create 3 labels for temperature, humidity and air pressure.

Step 2. Create 3 labels for the unit of them (ºC, % and P).

Step 3. Drag “Loop” block under the “Setup” block.

Step 4. Drag Three “Label show” blocks and a timer block into the “Loop” block.

Step 5. Plug the environment sensor.

Step 6. In Units – Env, drag three inputs (pressure, temperature and humidity) to labels.

Step 7. Select the output corresponding to which label. (Label 0 to Pressure, Label 1 to Temperature and Label 2 to Humidity).

Step 8. Execute it and finish.


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