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Hour of Code - My little caterpillar

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About the lesson:

Do you know how to draw something on the M5’s LCD? What can we create using many of cricles? Let’s draw something.


Students will be able to create user interface and change the property of the interface’s components.




30 – 60 minutes


  1. Basic concept of using UI.Flow. (you can find the simple tutorial of UI.flow here)
  2. You have a M5
  3. Internet connection
  4. Internet Browser

Step 01 – Draw the head

Step 02 – Draw the ears

Step 03 – Draw the eyes


Step 04 – Draw the eye balls

Step 05 – Draw the neck

Step 06 – Draw the tail

Step 07 – Finish! Click Play button to show it on M5!


More Challenge!!

Can you make a pokeball?



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