1. M5 Stack Understanding

02. Update M5 firmware (Windows)

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Step 1. Navigate to the download location of M5Burner-Flow-For-Windows

Step 2. Unzip the M5Burner-flow-only.zip


Step 3. Open M5Burner.exe in the unzipped folder M5Burner-flow-only


Step 4. Connect the M5Go to computer via Type-C USB cable


Step 5. Configure the setting of M5Burner as below


Step 5.1 Change COM to the COM number (COM9 in this example) displayed in the Device Manager

Step 5.2 Change Baud to 115200


Step 5.3 Change Firmwave to the same M5Flow version in Ui.Flow page (v0.9.0 in this example)


Step 6. Click the Burn button in the M5Burner

Burning is completed.


Step 7. Press the power button to switch on the M5 and check the version (v0.9.0 in this example)

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