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2. M5 Wifi Connection

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Connection Setup

Step 1. Press the power button to switch on the M5Go.


Step 2. Press the right button (SETUP) to setup the Wi-Fi connection


Step 3. Press the middle button (select) to change Wi-Fi Connection

Step 4. M5Go shows the Wi-Fi SSID to for connection


Step 5. Connect the M5Go Wi-Fi with the same SSID shown in Step 4. by mobiles or computers


Step 6. M5Go shows the ip address and QR code for configuring the Wi-Fi setting of it


Step 7. Browse the ip adress or scan the QR code to enter the website M5FLOW WiFi Setup and configure the Wi-Fi connection of known network


Step 8. M5Go automatically restarts

Step 9. M5Go shows API Key (C0717F in this example) in the form of text and QR code


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